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About the product you purchased

*Check ICCID from the app: Home > Card information > eSIM ICCID
*Check ICCID from the web: Order details > View (you need to log in with your email address).
*Upload a photo of the 'Activation Code' for packaged versions, or a screenshot of the QR code attached to the email at the time of purchase if purchased online.
*Please select 'No' if purchasing from online.

About your smartphone or tablet

iPhone14 Pro, Galaxy S22 5G, Google Pixel 6 Pro, etc. Specify
* iPhone: Settings app > General > Information > System version
* Android: Settings app > Device information > Software information
* iPhone: Settings app > Mobile communication > Mobile data communication
* Android (depending on the model): Settings app > Connection > SIM card manager > Priority SIM card > Mobile data

Usage status

(Specify the date and time when the problem occurred, the location of use, the status of Antenna Picto, etc.)